2018 The Estates Red Wine Carneros


これら 2 つの古典的なボルドーブドウ、カベルネ ソーヴィニヨンとカベルネ フランを美しく表現し、カーネロス地方の独特の表現を実現しました。

The silhouette of a person looking at a wine glass.

70% Cabernet Sauvignon
30% Cabernet Franc

The silhouette of a person sniffing a wine glass.

Toasted Spice
Sweet Tobacco
Black and Red Cherry
Touch of Floral Perfume

The silhouette of a person drinking from a wine glass.

Lively Acidity
Balanced Tannins
Touch of Earthiness

Pairs well with

Roasted rosemary pork chops and lasagne bolognese

Rows of grapes in our Carneros vineyard stretch out across the the edge of the valley.

Napa Carneros’ clay loam soils (Haire and Diablo series) and cool marine climate are well-suited to ripening Merlot grapes slowly, as they allow for full development of varietal expression and soft, silky tannins. But this wine also shows that certain select sites in the Carneros AVA yield stellar Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This fruit is sourced from a hillside vineyard in the warmer, northern part of Napa Carneros. The southwest-facing slope has ideal exposure for developing ripe, rich flavors.