2019 Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley



The silhouette of a person looking at a wine glass.

92% Sauvignon Blanc
8% Sémillon

The silhouette of a person sniffing a wine glass.

Honeydew Melon

The silhouette of a person drinking from a wine glass.

Hint of Cucumber
White Flowers
Sweet Vanilla

Pairs well with

Spring vegetable frittata and fish tacos

Our vineyards stretching out across the floor of the Napa Valley.

The 2019 vintage proceeded at a pace that could be called a winemaker’s dream. Following some early season (March-April) rain and a long, moderate summer, we saw smooth, even ripening clear through to harvest.  It is unusual to have the luxury to pick each block at its ideal point of ripeness, but this season allowed us to do just that. Truly a harvest to remember.