2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Carneros


Black cherry, sweet spices, a touch of cigar box from the Cabernet Franc, and just a hint of rose petal.

85% Cabernet Sauvignon
15% Cabernet Franc

Black Cherry
Sweet Spices
Touch of Cigar Box
Hint of Rose Petal

Balanced acidity
Sweet blueberry
Pipe Tobacco

Pairs well with

Grilled portobello mushrooms and aged cheddar

Rows of grapes in our Carneros vineyard stretch out across the the edge of the valley.

While Los Carneros is known for its cooling fog and bay breezes, this wine reveals an ideally situated vineyard for sun-loving cabernet sauvignon. This wine is sourced from a hillside vineyard in the warmer, northern part of Napa Valley's Los Carneros appellation. The southwest-facing slopes of this special site capture sunlight and warmth for the development of ripe, rich flavors in our cabernet sauvignon.